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AAR doubles Konya's bike share usage with LINKA Fleets

AAR doubles Konya's bike share usage with LINKA Fleets

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LEO 2 Pro - wired, powered by the LINKA Solar Panel, and tethered to an existing docking station with TetherSense©, integrated with a white label app for public city bike-sharing.

The Challenge

In 2014, the city of Konya introduced the ‘Konya Transportation Master Plan (KONUAP 2030)’ to encourage sustainable urban mobility. Since then, Konya’s urban transportation has transformed under the guidance of its Bicycle Master Plan, increasing efficiency and reducing carbon footprint. 

AAR Bike sharing in Konya, Turkey's biking city

AAR deployed public bike-sharing with LINKA Fleets in Konya, one of Turkey’s most bicycle-friendly cities.

One of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the country, Konya boasts a 550-kilometer (341.7-mile) network of bicycle lanes with plans to increase to 780-kilometers (484.7 miles) by 2030. As the city ramps up its public bike-sharing program, it is critical to encourage bicycle usage. 

During the global pandemic, Anadolu Açıkhava Reklamcılık (AAR) faced the challenge of procuring bicycles and robust smart bike locks that would be compatible with their existing docking stations, without sacrificing security, city regulation compliance, and functionality. Eliminating the need to build new docking stations would significantly lower infrastructure costs.

The Solution

AAR deployed LEO 2 Pro - wired, powered by LINKA’s Solar Panels and tethered to the city’s existing docking stations with TetherSense©. After an initial pilot in December 2020, with a custom-designed white label app, the city approved the expansion of the security solution growing the fleet to 1000+ by the end of 2021. 

AAR bike sharing in Konya doubled with LINKA Fleets
AAR secures public bike share with LEO 2 Pro - wired, LINKA Solar Panel, TetherSense© and White Label app.

The white-label app has enabled quick and easy adoption of users, especially for AAR’s target users, Gen Z. The complete LINKA Fleets platform has provided essential real-time analytics to monitor their fleet, track performance, and maintain their bikes using a single platform.

“Adoption of users to the new bike system is so easy. Together with TetherSense© Chains, LINKA is providing a robust solution.

FleetView™ is providing us with the necessary information to manage and operate our fleet. Operators in the fields can track failures on the bikes and easily solve the problems.” 

Mehmet Emre, CTO at Anadolu Açıkhava Reklamcılık (AAR).

AAR successfully doubles the city of Konya’s public bike share usage after switching to LINKA Fleets.
AAR successfully doubles the city of Konya’s public bike share usage after switching to LINKA Fleets. 

LINKA’s Impact

After one month of switching over to LINKA Fleets, Konya’s public bike-sharing usage increased 2x. Access to data insights from the FleetView™ dashboard provides crucial information to manage and optimize the public bike-sharing program.  

I recommend LINKA Fleets. As a hybrid solution of dockless and a docking station solution, it provides you with an economic, agile, and flexible solution for today’s business environment. The LINKA team is providing us with professional services and support in order to have a successful business operation.
The Operator app is a helpful tool for our field team. FleetView™ provides us with data and insights that support our decision-making to make necessary changes to our public bike-sharing system.

Mehmet Emre, CTO at Anadolu Açıkhava Reklamcılık (AAR).

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