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GoRide lowers maintenance costs and increases uptime with LINKA Fleets

GoRide lowers maintenance costs and increases uptime with LINKA Fleets

GoRide Sweden's advanced booking system for vehicle pooling
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LINKA’s Bluetooth enabled, keyless smart bike lock, Original LINKA, integrated with their own app using the LINKA SDK.

The Challenge

GoRide developed their own bike sharing app to manage private bike shares for offices and residential spaces. The GoRide app allows a user to book a bike in advance and ride the bike to meetings, or for parents to pick up their kids from childcare. GoRide customers rely on their bikes for daily transport and there was zero tolerance for failure. But, GoRide was missing a dependable and secure locking solution for their fleet of bikes that could provide the best user experience for their customers, maximum reliability and low operational maintenance.

GoRide bike sharing with LINKA Fleets Bike Locks and bike fleet management solution

GoRide began development with NOKE U-Lock but unfortunately, the lock never materialized, leaving GoRide to search for an alternative, reliable bicycle lock solution for their pool of bikes.

The Solution

GoRide began testing with the Original LINKA Fleet Test Kit. Impressed by the reliability and performance of the locking hardware, using the LINKA Fleets’ SDK, GoRide were able to quickly and easily integrate LINKA Fleets’ bike lock and fleet management solution with their own bike sharing app. 

“I would definitely recommend LINKA Fleets. First, the lock is excellent. Secondly, the support we have received from the LINKA team has been vital to the success of the fleet deployment. Our bike sharing set-up is a little different from the typical fleet set-up, for example, we require control of the lock’s battery status before an unlock action; the LINKA team has provided us quick support to meet our needs and ensure compatibility with our development platform as it evolved.” 

Markus Östlund, CEO of GoRide.

GoRide bike sharing booking system with LINKA smart bike locks and fleet management software

LINKA’s Impact

LINKA Fleets has helped GoRide to deploy 80+ bikes, secured with Original LINKA, in multiple locations across Sweden. GoRide needed a low maintenance, high-performing bike lock. With LINKA’s durable bike lock, built-in long-life battery and fleet management tools, FleetView and Operator App, GoRide maintains lower operational costs and increased efficiency with a low maintenance frequency of 6 months.

We placed a lot of trust in the LINKA lock and relied on it to operate without any disturbance for long timeframes. So far, we have had to replace only 3 percent of the locks and battery performance has proven to be excellent. In some areas, we have even managed to operate the lock for six months without charging! I really don’t want to consider the costs if it hadn’t worked out as well as it did with LINKA.

Markus Östlund, CEO of GoRide.

Original LINKA bluetooth enabled smart bike lock for bike sharing


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