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All-in-one fleet sharing system

Analyze data, monitor user trends to optimize and maintain your fleet on our FleetView™ platform. Organize your fleet by setting designated parking zones with GeoBlock™ Technology. Take care of rentals seamlessly with the purpose-built app LINKA GO.

Plug & play

The complete plug and play dockless bike sharing system. LINKA’s powerful smart bike locks enable you to take full control of your fleet with FleetView™ and GeoBlock™ Technology.

Asset Tracking
Track your entire fleet with real-time bird’s eye view.
Designate geofenced parking zones to organize your fleet and optimize performance.
Real-Time Data
Track every bike’s location, status & usage. Analyze trends and generate reports with ease from the FleetView™ dashboard.
Operational Efficiency
Manage users, track maintenance history and receive real-time field alerts.

Remote commands

(LEO 2 Pro & Trail Pro only)
Device management

Lock or unlock any device in your fleet from the comfort of your own desk.

Device management

Activate siren and recovery mode to increase the ping frequency of your device’s location for fastest recovery.

Take control with Geoblock™ technology

Designate parking zones

LINKA’s revolutionary geofencing technology, GeoBlock™, allows you to control where your users are permitted to park your bike. Our locks can even lock themselves within or outside of designated Geoblock™ zones!

Safe, organized parking

With fully traceable fleets, create happier communities with city- and government- friendly parking zones.

Monitor and maintain your fleet

Device management

Monitor the performance of every device. Identify issues in the field, replenish fresh bikes as often as possible.

Fleet maintenance

Optimize maintenance of your fleet from a single dashboard. Review maintenance issues with the support of remote fleet management provided by the Operator App.

Fleet Operator app

Locate, track and maintain your fleet on-the-fly

Track, review and troubleshoot maintenance issues from anywhere with the LINKA Operator App.

Control access to your devices and communicate efficiently

Manage your fleet and pair up new fleet devices to increase efficiency and streamline communication.

Remote commands to secure your fleet

Remotely lock, unlock and trigger alarms from anywhere in the world.


Connect your devices in minutes for rapid deployment with reliable and fully scalable software. Users can easily locate and rent multiple bikes. With a built-in payment system, LINKA GO* is ready to hit the ground running so you can focus on accelerating your growth.

Customize look & feel
Add your own branding to the LINKA GO App.
Flexible payments
Make payments directly on the App and offer flexible pay-as-you-go rentals or monthly subscription.
Pause your ride
Allow riders to pause their ride and rent multiple bikes.
Stats tracker for riders
Encourage users to ride! Riders can track their mileage, calories burned and carbon emission savings.
*Available on iOS and Android. Our payment gateway for LINKA GO is Stripe. Please ensure Stripe works in your country.

Make it your own

Customize our ready-made app, add or remove features to suit your business.*

Get your very own branded app in the App Store and Google Play, up to 5x more affordable than the market price.

CONTACT SALES *Minimum order applies

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