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Original LINKA Fleet Test Kit

$110.00 USD exc. tax $125.00 USD exc. tax saving $15.00 USD exc. tax
Original LINKA Fleet Test Kit - LINKA Fleets | Bike Locks and Fleet Management System

Original LINKA Fleet Test Kit

$110.00 USD exc. tax $125.00 USD exc. tax saving $15.00 USD exc. tax
Test Kits: Maximum of 10 units per customer.
Shipping time: 3-5 days.
iBulk Pricing
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Lead Time
  20-99 $89 2 weeks
Non-ART II 100-999 $79 2 weeks
  1000-9999+ $69 Contact sales

  20-99 $109 2 weeks
ART-II Certified 100-999 $99 2 weeks
  1000-9999+ $89 Contact sales
Please note: This product is compatible with Fleets only. To purchase for personal use, please visit linkalock.com.

LINKA Smart Bike Lock

The world’s first auto-unlocking bike lock. Sophisticated keyless access. And award-winning strength. This is a smart bike lock you can rely on, approved and recognised as the world’s best. With built‐in bluetooth technology, track the movement of every bike in your fleet.


  • ART-II LINKA with added internal steel security, approved for Bicycle Insurance coverage in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Non-ART II Original LINKA Smart Bike Lock. This option is not officially covered by bicycles insurers but still provides high security and strength. 

Software configuration options:

FleetView™ + Operator App + LINKA GO App (30-day FREE trial)

Take full control of your fleet, easily track, maintain and organize your fleet with FleetView™, GeoBlock™ Technology, your own Operator App and LINKA GO App.


Integrate our SDK with your existing merchant or consumer app.

Please Note:

Your fleet is compatible with the LINKA GO app only. Your fleet devices are not compatible with the LINKA consumer app. After purchasing the Original LINKA Fleet Test Kit, your LINKA Account Manager will reach out to you directly to provide access to the apps & to ensure your testing goes as smoothly as possible.

LINKA Bike Lock
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