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TetherSense© for Test Kits

$42.00 USD exc. tax
TetherSense© for Test Kits - LINKA Fleets | Bike Locks and Fleet Management System

TetherSense© for Test Kits

$42.00 USD exc. tax
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TetherSense© Standard Chain 100-999 $32 Contact sales

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TetherSense© Heavy Duty Chain 100-999 $41 Contact sales
Please note: This product is compatible with Fleets only. To purchase for personal use, please visit linkalock.com.

Plug-in TetherSense© directly into LEO 2 Pro to instantly secure your fleet. No phone or app is required! Choose from 2 levels of security with the TetherSense© Standard Chain or Heavy Duty Chain.

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